Woodfired Pizza Oven - $1,495 (Helena)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Made in Portugal

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Discover the Perfect Backyard Family Woodfired Pizza Oven!

Few experiences bring family and friends closer than just gathering around the fire, indulging in traditional family-style cooking, and taking advantage of the outdoors!

Elevate your backyard space with our versatile backyard pizza ovens. At Authentic Pizza Ovens, we offer much more than just a wood-fired pizza experience. Our ovens double as a cozy firepit, creating a captivating atmosphere for gatherings with family and friends. Immerse yourself in the joy of crafting wood-fired delights, from scrumptious pizza, succulent fish, and roasted chicken, to delicious veggies, artisanal wood-fired freshly baked bread, and luscious desserts.

Make your home the coolest hang-out spot this Summer by adding one of our exquisite wood-fired ovens to your backyard oasis. It's the perfect time to host fan-favorite pizza parties for sports nights, cook wood-fired BBQ for your friends and neighbors, or simply treat yourself to a refreshing cocktail and a savory steak dinner in the cozy vibes of your very own backyard space. Our ovens not only delight your taste buds but also enhance your home's value, making them a fantastic investment for creating lifelong memories and future family enjoyment.

Exceptional Craftsmanship from Portugal

Our ovens are meticulously HANDMADE by seasoned artisans in Portugal, with decades of experience in their craft. These wood-fired ovens are among the finest you'll find, perfect for creating unforgettable culinary experiences.

Traditional and Modern Portable Options

Choose from our traditional or modern/portable wood-fired pizza ovens to suit your needs.

Traditional Ovens:

Crafted with firebrick and refractory cement (NOT CLAY)
Triple-insulated with our internationally patented Rockwool insulation
These ovens are the real deal, delivering the most authentic wood-fired pizza experience.
Modern/Portable Ovens:

Lightweight and portable
Quick heat-up in less than 30 minutes
Ideal for busy families on the go
Perfect for Food Trucks and Catering Businesses

Our larger modern/portable ovens are the ultimate choice for food trucks and catering businesses. Many satisfied food truck customers have already elevated their culinary offerings with our ovens.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

Remember, our Authentic Pizza Ovens are not limited to pizzas. You can prepare a wide range of dishes, just like your conventional oven. From pizzas to wholesome chicken and steak, seafood, fire-roasted veggies, warm freshly baked bread, and flavorful desserts, the possibilities are endless!

Prices That Fit Your Budget

Our pizza ovens are available at competitive prices, ranging from $1495 to $3995. We also offer a wide range of pizza oven accessories to turn you into an instant Pizzaioli, including firewood!

Nationwide Shipping for Your Convenience

We offer daily nationwide shipping from Houston, TX. Enjoy free shipping to commercial addresses or affordable $95 shipping to residential locations.

Discover Your Ideal Pizza Oven

We're here to help you find the perfect oven for your needs. Feel free to reach out with any questions or explore our offerings at:


Invest in Memories That Last

Authentic Pizza Ovens are more than just cooking appliances; they are memory makers. Create cherished moments with family and friends that will last a lifetime.

Elevate Your Home's Value

Our pizza ovens are a long-term investment that will bring joy for years to come. If you're considering moving or selling your house, rest assured that an Authentic Pizza Oven will only add value to your property.

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