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Selling off a large quantity of commercial grade shelving that was previously used in a retail business. These are taller than average shelves, therefore please read the sizes carefully.

The shelves comes in different sizes and because we have such a large quantity you need to specify the sizes you want (see questions below).

Shelf vertical uprights come in 2 sizes as follows:
1). 10 ft 4 inches
2). 12 ft 4 inches

Shelves are 47 inches wide, however you can purchase sections that are either 18 inches or 24 inches deep. All shelves are white in color along with the metal cross members (beams), metal uprights, slate board, etc.

Each section of metal uprights comes with 5 shelves. Each shelf will come with 2 full width metal beams. Shelves are particleboard with melamine veneer.

This shelving is ideal for commercial shops or hobbyists looking for additional storage. The 47 inch wide shelves are easy to adjust and move up/down. The taller height allows for maximum use of space in taller rooms. Personally, I’ve owned several different types of shelving including pallet racking. I really like the versatility, strength, and height of these shelves. It doesn’t hurt that they look several times better too.

Slate Board: For an additional cost you can purchase slate board which is great for hanging items. Each piece of slate board comes with aluminum slates for increased appearance and strength. We have panels that will fit between the uprights (see pictures) as well as those that fit onto the ends of the uprights. The end panels help give any exposed ends a more finished look plus allow you to hang additional items. Check prices online for similar slate board and you will be shocked at what you find.

Back Panels: For an additional cost you can purchase white back panels that are approximately 4’x10’ and 3/16 inches thick. These give added strength but also help protect your finished walls from damage.

Prices: If you would like to inquire about prices respond with the following information and we will get back to you.

1) 10 ft or 12 ft uprights?
2) 24-inch-deep shelving, number of uprights needed?
3) 18-inch-deep shelving, number of uprights needed?
4) Optional: Number of slate board panels?
5) Optional: Number of back panels?

Install: Uprights were designed to be bolted to a concrete floor therefore they do not need to be installed against a wall. Will include 2 concrete anchors per upright. Once bolted, cross braces fastened, and horizontal beams installed the units are solid. The sections are not difficult to install but a hammer drill makes the installation much faster. There are other ways to secure the uprights, but we cannot advise or advocate for other methods of installation.

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